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Willowing Arts and Tamara Laporte are at it again! Her new course, Kaleidoscope, starts on August 1st and I cannot wait.

I discovered Tam’s art and courses in 2012. Her art was featured on the cover of Wild Sister Magazine (yes, the magazine I now own. Kismet, right?). Her fun, vibrant style and love for art journaling are so far out of my creative box. I actually just admired her work from afar for years before deciding to jump into her classes.

Since then? My art, my life, the core of my little being…have blown open and shifted in ways I never expected.

We all know that I love art. I went to art school, for cryin’ out loud. I started drawing when I was 6 years old. But, creating just to create? Art journaling? I used to call it ‘pointless art’. True story. If it wasn’t going on someone’s wall or paying my bills, I had no interest. That’s just how I and my particular brand of autism work, sometimes.

But, through Tam, I discovered a whole new world of exploring color, shapes, feelings, the fun sides of my personality and quirks…all in a multitude of mediums and splashed together in books I can keep and share forever. I highly, highly recommend her classes.

And Kaleidoscope? It’s going to be one of the best. I just know it. The Taster Week was gorgeous! We created pieces with Athena, monochromatic portraits, rainbows and towns….if the Taster Week is any indication, we are in for a real treat with the full course! Check out these artists on deck to teach us:

If you’re interested in joining Willowing Arts for four months of color and fun, check out Kaleidoscope and use the code BEAUTY2020 for 20% off!